Aleksandr Rappoport has opened a restaurant with a phenomenal variety of fish and seafood at the most reasonable prices.

Everything there is to know about fish has been known for a long time. It is commonly believed that there is no good quality fish in Moscow, because we do not have a sea. Some believe good fish still can be found in Moscow, but it is very difficult to deliver, and therefore it is exceedingly expensive. The price for a whole King crab in a city restaurant is also considered to be higher than the average salary of a city dweller. It is rumored that only import seabass and dorado are brought fresh to Moscow, because it is almost impossible to have fish delivered from the Russian seas. The same lucky ones who had dinner on the banks of Volga, or Ob, or Baikal rivers, remember the local cuisine with nostalgia and anguish. They are certain that replicating that experience would be impossible in the capital.

Alexander Rappoport is the slayer of legends once again. He challenged all existing stereotypes by opening up a huge restaurant "Erwin.RekaMoreOkean” (Erwin.RiverSeaOcean) with a unique variety of fish. The restaurant is located on Kutuzovsky avenue (230 seats). Ninety percent of the fish is caught in Russia (from 25 rivers and seas). The prices are far lower that the city standards and fish delicacies from various places of our vast homeland. No need to brag about the quality of the product - the name of the founder of the well-known "fish place" in the capital speaks for itself.

The restaurant features a caviar and oyster bar. Slices of frozen nelma (Siberian white salmon) and sterlet, thaw in the mouth with a natural, revealing taste of fish. The bar offers fresh, not canned, incredibly fat and tender liver of cod. Here, customers can try the legendary Sosvinskaya spicy herring from the Berezovo village on Sosva, by the Ob river tributary and Sugudai (raw fish slices) of muksun is the traditional Russian version of the ceviche. Customers can try the homemade style cold smoked Baikal omul or Arkhangelsk toothfish, more popularly known as Chilean seabass, in similar to Nobu miso-sauce, but with Altai honey. This honey is very indicative of the Russian cuisine, as the chef of Erwin Nikolay Bakunov actively promotes it not only in terms of basic products, but also through selection of culinary techniques and the recipes.

Section "KrabyRakiKrevetki" (CrabsCrayfishShrimp) is the highlight of the menu. It has nearly thirty positions. No competitors come close to “Erwin" when it comes in this regard. The restaurant offers a large variety of crabs: king crab, snow crab, frog crab, blue king crab, spiky crab, hairy crab. Quite a variety of crayfish is also available: Sevan crayfish in beer, Rostov style crayfish, and Louisiana style crayfish. The choice of shrimp might seem a bit overwhelming at first: Argentinian shrimp from the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean; Dock shrimp from the cold waters of the northern seas; the sweetest humpback shrimp or “Botanebi” as the Japanese call it; and bering shrimp that looks like a dinosaur in the prickly spiked shrimp shell. The local selection of crustaceans is like an encyclopedia.

Anastasia Zemlyanskaya, the interior designer, somehow managed to gently inscribe a variety of “sea” decoration elements and truly funny details. It is proposed to study the menu while enjoying the view of the White House and the interior of the restaurant. That is because all the best that happens to us in this life is easy and pleasant, even if it's just a lunch in a restaurant.